This program was created to help women from all ages, all levels and from all walks of life exercise with the most efficient training tool there is. Our programs are tried-and-tested and have been used for over 20 years with clients. They are simply incredible.

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  • High-intensity Weight Training Circuits for home. Designed specifically for women to lose weight and build a better body rapidly; in 30 minutes with minimal equipment.
  • High-intensity Circuits for the gym, combining free weights, machines, and bodyweight exercises. This amazing workout will train every muscle in your body in 40 minutes or less.
  • A free eBook to help you get started: The 5 Keys to Weight Loss – Women’s Edition. This no-nonsense book contains all the information that you need to know about weight loss, exercising and improving your health.
  • Access to the First Step Fitness for Women Facebook community where you can ask our experts questions and learn about all things exercising, weight loss and nutrition.